Why Consign ?      
  • Lose the unused

  • Trade for new to you

  • Blessing Others


  Consignment vs Cash  

On Average, you will make more $. You earn 50% of the sale price in consignment vs pennies on the dollar for cash up front. We have chosen to select Quality versus garage sale leftovers.  If you have quality clothing, decor, or sports equipment & dislike garage sales . . .

          Why Not?         

Support Local Community & Business

Consigning your unwanted items not only provides an opportunity for you to trade for new to you items, but it offers the opportunity for others to purchase these items: 

                         Cleaning Closets =  Blessing Others

Help Local Families

Don't need more items? Consider consigning your items as part of our "Community Donate" program.  The funds raised from this account go directly to help local families in need. Be a part of something bigger - James 1:27

Designated Donation Center

Just cleaning out?  

We are a drop off site for donation pickup. . . 

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